I just cancelled my Lynda.com membership.  I think Lynda.com is great.  You can learn just about any software program, lessons are taught through video, and the lessons are far more exhustive than their competition.  I have tried Codecademy and Team Tree House.  Codecademy is great, but they only teach a few programming languages, which are far from exhaustive.  Codecademy is free, so I can understand why they have such a limited curriculum.  Team Tree House is good, but it costs $25/month and I think Lynda is better for the money.  I hate how Team Tree House's videos show the teacher and not the code.  That seems dumb.  And they have this weird story line like the course is made for kids.

There are basically three primary things I want to learn right now.  PHP, MySQL, and SQL.  I have gotten almost entirely through PHP with MySQL Essential Training with Kevin Skoglund.  Great course, but for some reason MySQL quit working for me.  I thought maybe an update to Apple OSX caused it but when the Installing to Yosemite was added, none of that video showed helped.  I started from the beginning of the course to check that my Apache, PHP, and MySQL settings were right.  According to the course they are, but MySQL still does not work for me.  I tried emailing support and it seems support is not very supportive.

I then tried SQL Essential Training and MySQL Essential Training with Bill Weinman.  Where the Kevin Skoglund uses the webserver tools on OSX, Bill Weinman uses XAMPP.  Wouldn't it make more sense if the PHP with MySQL Essential Training, SQL Essential Training, and MySQL Essential Training all used the same platform?  I can't figure out how to use XAMPP because I can't figure out how to turn off web sharing on my Mac.  So now there is no way to do those three courses on my machine locally.

You would think with the hefty price tag, they could update the courses pretty frequently.  Guess not.  Anyway, thanks for nothing Lynda.  When you get your shit together, let me know.

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