Here are some projects I have worked on.

First Oak Capital

First Oak Capital was the holding company for a convience store, a Pizza Inn, a Quiznos, a TCBY Yogurt, a carwash, and an Exxon gas station.  We did over $5 million a year in revenue.  We sold the business in 2000 after running it for 2 years.  The business was located on Corporate Drive in Lewisville.  It is there today, but it is in horrible shape and it is no longer running under those franchise names.

Red Flying Horse

Red Flying Horse was to ultimately be part of Jables.  Red Flying Horse was a weekly YouTube show covering entertainment events in Dallas.  We did 13 episodes and published them on YouTube.  At the time I wrote this, our videos had over 18,652 views and we average 550 new views a month.  The show was hosted by Kyle Austin.  The Deep Ellum Art Festival episode was hosted by Katherine Bourne, a local actress.  Bryce Bezner, Zach Kelly, Everette Guess, and I took turns shooting video, recording audio, and editing.  The videos were shot on a Canon 5D Mark ii and edited on Final Cut Pro.


Jables is a mobile and online area specific entertainment guide that helps users find great entertainment choices.  Users can quickly sort and filter from a comprehensive list of entertainment to create a list that is relevant to them right from their computer or smart phone.  Users can also watch a video preview.  They can also follow their favorite entertainers to get updates and push notifications. Jables is similar to Yelp but for entertainment.  You can download the Jables iOS app here and the Jables Android app here.

Theoretical Theology

This is a new project launched in 2015.  The basic idea is to have Wiki articles that outline the pros and cons for God or Christianity in general or specific theological concepts.  The site is hosted on AWS and right now it is a MediaWiki site. MediaWiki is the open source software that runs WikiPedia.

Hope For Kip

My uncle is a pastor and was a missionary in Australia.  A few years ago he was in a bicycle accident and is now a paraplegic.  I helped him migrate his site to a new host, install and configure a new theme, and install a few new plugins. All on zero budget.  Really pleased with how good it looks.

What do you need help with?

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