There are so many companies that help analyze Twitter data, including Twitter's analysis page, which I just found.  A couple weeks ago I had Simply Measured run a free report on my Twitter data.  Honestly, a lot of it I could have told you before I looked.  But it confirmed what I already know.  There are a ton of social tools out there, I have a list of social tools you can check out.  Here is what I learned from Twitter and Simply Measured.


Honestly, I don't think their tool is working right.  They have three sections: Tweets, Twitter Followers, and Twitter Card.  I couldn't get the Tweets section to show me anything other than the last 4 days.  So that isn't helpful.  Few interesting things on the Twitter Follower section:

  • My Top Topics are Entrepreneurship, Startups, and Business & Finance.  That is what I Tweet about, but I already knew that.
  • 60% of my followers are from Texas and 52% are from Dallas.  I kinda knew that but this quantified it.
  • 77% are male and 23% are female.  This is wrong.  I follow and am followed by a ton of businesses and startups.  So male/female doesn't make sense in that case.  A lot of businesses are using Twitter and there should be a "business" category instead of just male and female.  I think that is something Twitter needs to fix.

Simply Measured

This was pretty cool.  They will send you an Excel dashboard, which I make a lot for work so it was cool to see an automated one that looks sharp.  It had a lot of information, but a lot of it I knew or would have guessed at.  But here are three things I learned:

  • My Klout score is 44 versus 38 for my audience.  Not sure exactly what audience is but think it must be people that follow me.  Maybe their followers as well?  Not sure.
  • 27% of my audience has more than 2,500 followers.  If I could just get them to retweet me!
  • My Top Most Influencial Followers: Threadless with 2.2 million followers, Ben Landis (who does not follow me any more), Scott Eddy with 526 thousand followers, Fuze The MC with 457 thousand followers, and Pandora Radio with 308 thousand followers.  So if any of you are reading this, thanks!


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