From time to time I pull up comScore's Online Video Rankings.  It has some useful info like viewers of the top 10 online video properties, top YouTube channels, and top video ad properties.  One of the things that I don't understand is why Yahoo doesn't get more serious about video and why Apple is a no show.  Thought I would share some of what I found.

  • Monthly viewers is up this year (taking a 10  month average) to 188 million monthly viewers.  That is an increase of 2.2%.  That growth has not been shared across channels.
  • YouTube monthly viewers is actually down to 155.5 million.  That is a decrease of 3.6 pts.  That said, 82.7% of viewers went to YouTube, making YouTube the market leader.
  • Facebook is catching up.  They had an average of 92.8 million, up 15.2 points.  Huge gains for Facebook.
  • Yahoo is also up to 52.7 million monthly viewers.  That is a 4 point increase.  That said, only 28% of viewers are watching videos on their site.
  • I also noticed that Vimeo is gaining traction.  They had 19% market share.  They only showed up in the top ten once in 2013, but where their almost every month in 2014.
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